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Finding Meaning

“My life is just now starting to mean something to me.”

This comment was made just the other day by one of the guys we are working with. We have been able to provide him with housing, steady counseling sessions, different job opportunities, and people to walk beside him. He is in his 50s and has struggled with multiple addictions. He’s been homeless or living in an unstable situation for around 20 years now.

Time and time again, we find ourselves fighting for people when they do not really want to fight for themselves. But now, his life is starting to mean something to him. This is exactly what we fight for. So that our friends can see the meaning in their lives and so that they will fight for themselves!

We know he will still make mistakes and there will still be frustrations and failures that we must face with this man- because after all he is human. The bright side? Now we know it is not just us wanting something better for him, he wants this for himself! ┬áThis may not seem like a big deal to some, but trust us- it’s monumental.


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