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The Meaning Behind “Never Alone”

The people we have the opportunity to work with come from all different backgrounds. We’ve worked with people that were living in homeless shelters, housing projects, double-wides, under bridges, and in nice homes in the suburbs. Some of them graduated from high school, some of them dropped out, some got their GED, some didn’t make it out of elementary school, and some got scholarships to go to college. They all carry different baggage from past decisions and circumstances. They battle different addictions and wrestle with a variety of mental health issues. Some of them don’t have a relationship with their family, some of them don’t know who their dad is, some of them wish they didn’t know who their dad is, and some of them have loving parents that we’ve had the opportunity to walk with while their child struggles along this journey.

And while so much of what each person brings to the table is different, so much of it is exactly the same. They’re all lonely. They all feel isolated. And they all struggle to cope with the myriad of issues and emotions that come from this loneliness.

So, while many of us can’t sympathize with a lot of what these folks are struggling with, we can sympathize with their loneliness. We may never have battled addiction, been in trouble beyond a speeding ticket, or wondered where we were going to sleep each night. But all of us have experienced times of intense loneliness in our lives. We’ve felt isolated and alone. We’ve wondered if anyone cared about or understood what we were going through. And we’ve all longed to have people walk with us through our struggles.

This is something that God has been teaching us a lot about lately. For a long time we thought we understood what it meant to invest in and build relationships with the people we’re working with. Lately we’re beginning to understand just how much deeper the issue of loneliness truly is in the lives of those we work with.

This is why the theme of our year-end campaign is Never Alone. It’s something we can all resonate with and it’s something we can all fight for in the lives of those we’re called to love. We wanted to tell you some of the stories of those we’ve worked with and how God has led us to walk with them over the years. But we also want you to pray with us and for us as we continue to grow in our understanding of how much further we need to go in surrounding those God has put in our lives with gospel-centered intentional community. You can click here to read a few stories of people we’ve worked with over the years. We’ll also be posting some new stories here on the blog in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support. We hope you all have a great Christmas.


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Never Alone: The Video

Check out our new video that truly captures what Urban Purpose is really about. Our aim is to stand beside people through the ups and downs of life, and to let them know that they do not have to be alone.

Learn more about how we stand besides people by visiting our website: http://www.urbanpurpose.org/neveralone

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