Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff and Judy Ishee

IMG_7990Jeff and Judy Ishee are one of several couples that serve with us each Sunday. They are there rain or shine, freezing or burning up. They chat with people, pick up trash, and fulfill whatever needs they see around them. They always have an extra stash of trash bags, forks, napkins, etc. in their car in case we’re ever running low. Another thing we love about the Ishee’s is that they have gotten their church family involved in the Urban Purpose Sunday meals. It is amazing to see our volunteers share their passion for the poor and hurting with their family and friends.

We are grateful that Jeff and Judy came our way and chose to stick around for quite some time. Their investment and welcoming nature in the people we serve downtown cannot be replaced or replicated. Learn a little more about the Ishee’s!

TIMG_7986ell us a little bit about yourself: Jeff and I are from Gulfport, MS. We moved to Alabama almost 3 years ago. We have been married 33 years. We have 3 children and 6 beautiful grandchildren. Jeff works for Home Depot and I am a receptionist at Brookwood Primary Care. We are members of CROSSPOINT Baptist Church in Trussville AL. We are connected to several Small Groups( Bible Study Classes). We work with Young Adults that are college age. They have served with us at Urban Purpose also. We also enjoy our group Daybreakers. Mature adults that know how to show God’s love. They have also joined us serving Urban Purpose. I am connected with a group of single Moms. They amaze me at their faith and commitment to serve one another. The Lord has blessed us greatly with our church family.

How did you hear about Urban Purpose and why did you being to make the Sunday meals a part of your weekly routine? We found out about Urban Purpose from one of the young adults in our church. They were looking for an outreach to the community and had heard about Urban Purpose. After our 1st time helping, Jeff and I were hooked. We love the love each one is shown and the commitment Urban Purpose has made to those in need. No judgement, just godly guidance and love. We had an outreach for homeless when we lived in MS and were so blessed when we found Urban Purpose.

Tell us about your favorite memory from a Sunday meal: I have several memories from Urban Purpose, but my favorite would be the day I saw my husband kneeling with 3 men praying. Knowing that he was doing what brings pure joy to his heart. I enjoy all the laughs and joy from those we serve. Call me selfish but I enjoy the joy they give me. I really hate when we miss a Sunday of serving.



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