Taproot Landscaping

Over the last year we have been blessed to partner with Taproot Landscaping, a great company that has a unique vision to invest in people that are working to get their lives back on track.

We recently shared our vision for the new Urban Purpose Safe House. Taproot is one of the companies that we’ve partnered with in this endeavor and they give guys opportunities to be productive while they wait to get into a recovery program. We also partner with them in a “temporary work program” for men in crisis situations and they’ve hired several of our guys full-time.

Take a minute and hear Jacob Snuggs, owner/operator of Taproot, share his vision of the business. Jacob has a tremendous background in the landscaping world and has a heart for helping men rebuild their lives.
If you have any landscaping needs coming up this year, please take moment to check out their website or give Jacob a call at 205-541-0425. In hiring them, you will get incredible service and will be investing in Urban Purpose and a number of men looking to regain control of their lives.
Check a few pictures below of Taproot’s work.

Manicured Landscaping


Creating Outdoor Spaces




General Lawn Maintenance


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