The Urban Purpose Super Bowl Party

This past Sunday Urban Purpose partnered with Shades Mountain Baptist Church and the Common Thread Community to host our first ever Super Bowl Party. We had around 60 people come together to hang out, eat together, and watch the game. This party was made up of people from all different walks of life and areas of town, all brought under the same roof through one common denominator: Super Bowl 50. A number of our friends from our Sunday meal joined us and members of Common Thread brought some of their homeless friends with them.

super party

Having our party at Shades’ Christian Life Center allowed us to have a lot of things going on during the game. We had everyone’s favorite football food, which was almost all donated by great companies such as Publix, Piggly Wiggly, and Buffalo Wild Wings. The CLC also opened up their game room with pool and ping-pong tables, Xboxes, and more. Another crowd favorite were the basketball courts, where many people spent halftime shooting around. There were locker rooms available with showers and full hygiene kits made up for anyone who was wanting to clean off during this time as well. Lastly, we had an area where people could fill a bag before they left with a few basic needs: jackets, socks, hygiene items, blankets, and more.

When planning this party months ago, we wanted to be able to provide a “normal” game-watching atmosphere for a group of people who do not get to experience this often. We also wanted to fill some sort of physical need that they may have. We believe that they had a great night hanging out, cheering for their team, and laughing at the commercials. Ultimately, we pray that they left last night feeling wanted, loved and appreciated.


This could not have been done without Shades Mountain Baptist Church and the CLC staff. We are truly thankful for all you do for us!



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