Being Ready Part 5: Community

communityLast week, we once again experienced the battle of readiness.

We were connected with a young girl who had finally come to the realization that for the past five years, her life had been far from normal and that she needed help. She had already suffered from a heavy meth addiction and was only 21-years-old. This addiction partnered with other difficult circumstances and life choices, led her down a path of destruction, instability, and loneliness.

As we began to meet with her, we heard over and over again about how she wanted a different life. What is harder to discern is if someone is willing to put in the hard work it is going to take to successfully get that new life. [This is where most people fall short- they have the desire to change but when the road becomes rough, their perseverance isn’t there.] She had decided that she wanted to go to a rehabilitation program that was out of town. This usually takes time; maybe a week, maybe two weeks, but it is rarely ever immediate. We were left with a choice- how do we temporarily help this girl before she receives the long term treatment she needs? Her immediate needs were things like a home, food, clothing, places to go during the day, things to do at night, and people to be around that were not controlled by drugs. Typically, people who desire help do not have any of these things and therefore do not last long enough to get to where they need to go! But this girl had something going for her that other addicts lack: she had a group of people that were willing to rally around her and help her get to where she wants to go. For six days we had people willing to give their homes, time, food, clothes, families, and more to help give this young girl a chance to succeed in life. Many of the addicts we work with have burned all of the bridges that they once had in their lives. This can leave them feeling hopeless, and that there is no way out of their current circumstances.

We hope to confront that fear of being alone and without hope, and relieve it. The goal of Urban Purpose is to walk beside people who are in difficult situations and help them find their way out of it, so that they may begin to lead the life God intended for them to lead.

We were able to take our friend to a rehabilitation center in Mississippi where she will be for a month (thanks to a partnership with a local church body in Birmingham). After this month, we hope to walk with her during the time of transition into a more normal and stable life. We look forward to the future she has in store!!

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