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A Place for Everyone

Everyone has a great role to play as a part of the body of Christ. And the best thing about these roles is that one is not more important than the other. We have a great opportunity to experience this every week.

One of the coolest parts about serving with us on a Sunday is that there is a place for everyone to be exactly who Jesus created them to be. For example, some people are naturally great at starting conversations with others and engaging all types of people. Others were made to serve behind the scenes and are the reasons the meal gets out quickly every Sunday. Next we have our people that stand on the sidelines and are in prayer consistently over the conversations that are being had and over the people in the line. We also have our “trash man” who serves the ministry and the building owners every single week by making sure their property is clean after a hundred people eat in their parking lot. There are even more roles to be played at our downtown meal than listed and we are grateful to have people ready and willing to serve in each of them.

Meet us any Sunday at 2:30pm at the Shades Mountain Baptist Student Building and we’ll head downtown together and serve those in need here in our city.

Where could God use your strengths?

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Pigs, Prizes & A Purpose

It’s that time again for the annual Urban Purpose Boston Butt Fundraiser- and we want you to be a part of this! boston buttPurchase a delicious Boston Butt for only $35 to help support the ministry this year. You can visit our website and start the process by clicking THIS link! Don’t miss out on your chance for a great beginning to the summer.

Pigs, Prizes & A Purpose

This year we’re taking things up a notch by throwing a party to kick off Memorial Day Weekend. Come hang out with us Thursday, May 21st from 4:30-7  at the pavilion of Shades Mountain Baptist Church and get a FREE BBQ Sandwich dinner while picking up your Boston Butt! Did we mention you could even when $500?! Each Boston Butt purchased enters you into the raffle drawing for a few different prizes. But you MUST be in attendance to win, so don’t miss out!

We can’t wait to see you there! Visit us here and find out more details. >>

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Caring for the Careless

We have learned many things over the years when it comes to helping people. And not just any people, but people that have been hardened overtime and developed severe trust issues. The other day someone reminded me of this quote:

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.”

This couldn’t describe our method, goal, task or whatever else you would like to call it, any clearer. We want people to ultimately come to know who Jesus is in their lives, but we understand this is a process (and at times, an extremely slow one). A process that sometimes involves caring for someone who doesn’t care for themselves.

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Sunday Rewind: Open Hearts and Open Eyes

Yesterday at our weekly Sunday meal, we had quite a few volunteers that had never been downtown with us before. They jumped right in and helped serve the food, pass out forks, and clean up the aftermath. While we were “debriefing” afterwards and getting ready to head home, one of the women surprised us when she told us how the meal impacted her. She said that she was having to hide her tears behind her sunglasses throughout the meal because she was not prepared to see what we saw.

“I didn’t expect them to be waiting in a line for us when we drove up. And I definitely didn’t expect there to be any children.”

Sometimes this can become a routine for us: we see a lot of the same faces, serve the same food and clean up afterwards. It was beautiful to see this woman’s heart and eyes open for these people. This served as a helpful reminder for us to not only do this out of obligation, but to do this out of love for Christ and for others.

These women and men were encouraged to come by one of their Sunday School class members who happens to be a weekly volunteer of ours. Who can you motivate to come serve downtown with you?

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A New Beginning

Some really exciting steps are being taken with our partners this week. We cannot wait to see how the Lord will move in this setting and with this man!

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Hide and Seek 



A lot of the people we work with have already been around us for quite some time now. They have asked for help and were given help, but in the end, haven’t been able to follow through.

These past few weeks we’ve been working with one man who is now in his 50s. When we asked him why this time was different, he said something that I won’t ever forget:

“Sometimes we think it’s easier to run, but sooner or later your gonna get tired and have to stop. You can’t run forever.”

Our prayer is that when people finally decide that they’re tired of hiding, they would allow Jesus to find them.

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One Step at a Time

Sometimes the process of bettering oneself can be a very, very slow process. Although a person might know in his or her mind what the right steps to take might be, it always takes more time for that head knowledge to translate into their heart and their very being. And in most cases these are taken one slow step at a time.

Recently we’ve been spending a great deal of time with one of our friends that we’ve known for almost five years now. This man is easy to love and fun to hang out with, but frustrating when it comes to him making decisions. He is one who knows what to do but has a hard time doing it. So what is different this time you might ask? This man has started to open his heart to us and tell us what is actually going on inside his head. *Hint- THIS IS A BIG DEAL*. We have seen him open up more than he ever has in the past. This is something that he has never felt comfortable to do because of a few different reasons: the fear of disappointment, failure, shame, guilt and more. You name it- he felt it. Although it is just one of many steps that he needs to take, we know this is a big step! We believe this is showing how much progress he has made and hopefully, will continue to make.

We are excited about the direction this man is heading and what God continues to do in his life. Please pray for patience as we continue to walk with him, step by step.

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