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Never Alone: The Video

Check out our new video that truly captures what Urban Purpose is really about. Our aim is to stand beside people through the ups and downs of life, and to let them know that they do not have to be alone.

Learn more about how we stand besides people by visiting our website:


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Break Every Chain

One of the biggest struggles we face is breaking free from the things of this world that are holding us back. We, just like Paul, do not understand ourselves as we do what we don’t want to do (Romans 7:15).

We meet with people on a daily basis who are in this same position. Many of them have a desire to do what is good but they cannot carry it out. This can be a result of many different things such as a drug or alcohol addiction, a life pattern of suffering, mental illness or circumstances beyond their control. In almost all of these situations we see people that are left hopeless and with no where to turn.

Sadly, what most people do not realize is that WE will never be able to break ourselves free from the sin that weighs us down. It is only by the power of the cross that Jesus broke every chain so that we may live a life free from the bondage of sin. May we be able to show this freedom to others in hopes that they will no longer rely on their own strength for freedom, but on the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The lyrics to this song perfectly explain what we want all people to see, that there is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain.

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Patience is a Virtue

patImpatience. No matter what stage of life you are in, impatience is always something that we must fight against. For many of us attempting to be patient comes into play at places like the grocery store, the bank, Starbucks and after school pick-up lines. And although it isn’t easy, we remind ourselves to sit back, take a deep breath and just relax.

But what if the thing you were being impatient about was something such as finding employment after 15 years of not working? Or finding food for your family? Or putting a roof over your head? In these situations, asking for someone to have “patience” brings on a whole different meaning.

Recently, we’ve come in contact with a few people that have been relatively impatient. And because we are human, our first thoughts when meeting these people is that they’re ungrateful. But then you stop and think: If I had no roof over my head, no food in my stomach, and no hope for a future, wouldn’t I be a little impatient too? After all, I’m impatient when waiting in line at a nice grocery store where oftentimes I end up spending too much money on food that I really do not need.

Many of the men and women we meet and work with on a daily basis are tired. They’re tired of fighting the addiction, or never knowing where they will lay their head at night, or where they’ll eat their next meal.

Today we want to be reminded to pray for patience for our friends. Finding employment, housing, rehab programs, and working through counseling sessions takes time, and sometimes that’s the last thing they have to offer. While you ask God for patience in your mundane tasks day after day, be reminded of those that don’t understand patience but require it just the same.

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