Heroin on the Rise: A Mother’s Perspective (Part 1)

We hope that you have found the Heroin on the Rise series informative and eye opening thus far. As we move to wrap up the series, we want to offer a different, more personal perspective on the effects of heroin. Today’s article was written by the mother of one of our clients who struggles with a heroin addiction. We encourage you to take time to read this article. We hope that her insight will be eye opening and challenging as together we learn more about heroin and the great toll that it takes–


Sometimes God redeems your story surrounding you with people who need to hear your past, so it doesn’t become their future.  

-Jon Acuff

“I am the Mother of a handsome, smart, and Christian young man who has fallen prey to the devil’s heroin. My son is 25 years old and he grew up in a Christian home where he participated in all things related to our church. From the time he was born until he graduated from high school, he was in the Children’s and Youth Choir, attended mission trips, played the drums in our Sanctuary Praise Band, and was a leader among his peers.

My son attended a small Christian University, where he was awarded an academic and athletic scholarship to play collegiate soccer. During his sophomore fall semester he was admitted into the hospital with some type of auto-immune issue. Stents were put in, to allow infection to drain, and because of the terrible pain he was enduring, he was provided a Dilaudid pump, Morphine, and Percocet. I remember joking with the doctors about him needing drug rehab after this was over.

Little did I know this 16 days in the hospital set in motion what was to become the nightmare our family has endured ever since.

My son didn’t jump into heroin right after he was discharged from the hospital, this happened after a slow progression beginning with marijuana and moving toward that end through prescription pills. I think he told me he had tried just about anything and everything, but once he found heroin, that was “it.” This was the feeling he had searched for since the days in the hospital. Heroin is readily available, someone just has to have the money to get it.

Our lives had been bad with the other drugs, but the heroin addiction totally destroyed our world. My always rock steady son was now stealing from us and taking anything of value that he could pawn or trade for drugs. Last year he hit our bank account a couple of times and wiped us out. This was the heroin. This was not my boy. The lies, the manipulations, it all goes with drug addiction…”


Check back here on Thursday to continue reading this mother’s story. 


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