Heroin on the Rise: The Stats

In the last post, I admittedly gave you some pretty unscientific data about the rise in heroin abuse, especially amongst young people. In this post, I want to you give you a few official statistics that will help you get your head around how big this problem is becoming.

  • “Coroner’s statistics show the 2012 heroin deaths (in Jefferson County) were overwhelmingly white and male, with 86 percent of the victims being white and 74 percent men. Just five of the victims, 9 percent, were black. Another three — 5 percent — were Hispanic. The median age of the victims was 32.” (http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2013/01/heroin_kills_57_people_in_jeff.html)

From us here at Urban Purpose, to blogs on AL.com, to articles in the Los Angeles Times, you’re hearing that heroin use, addictions, and overdoses are skyrocketing.

As one of the blogs linked above said, “The demographic for heroin use is: your children.” In the next post we’re going to dive a little bit more into the specifics of why more and more young people are turning to heroin as their D.O.C (drug of choice).


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