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Sunday Rewind: 19 Baseball Players Come Downtown

The Pelham High School Baseball Team

Last week the Pelham baseball team provided and served our meal downtown. It was awesome to see 19 young men, along with their coach and chaplain, come downtown to feed, serve, and minister to those on the streets of Birmingham. What a great way to share and show Jesus to the broken! Providing and serving a meal is an awesome way for families, groups, Sunday school classes, and teams to serve together. One of the players, Austin Moore, took some time to share a little bit about his experience yesterday…

The team serving the meal.

I am Austin Moore and I am a junior who plays baseball at Pelham High School.  Some of my teammates and I got the opportunity to help feed people in need thanks to Urban Purpose.  I had the chance to see up close how bad poverty is, and it was a very humbling experience.  To get the opportunity to help these people was eye opening.  The diversity of the crowd was also shocking; there were people there of every age and race, even women and children.  This experience was different from others I have had because I had the chance to sit down and really get to know the people we were feeding, this made the experience very real and personal for me.

Austin (front right) spending some time with folks downtown.


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