Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings (left) & Jim McFarland at our Sunday meal.

Name: Jim Cummings

Family: wife Jennifer, daughter Claire (18), son Daniel (22)

Occupation: Jeweler

Favorite Musician/Band: John Fogerty (this week)

Favorite Restaurant: Yankee Pizza

Favorite Book: Hunger Games

How long have you been serving with Urban Purpose? Almost a year

What do you feel like is unique about the ministry? The ministry is always looking for new ways to help the homeless. Meeting people where their needs are and working to get them off the street.

What has God taught you through serving with Urban Purpose? Only by God’s grace am I saved from the same fate as these homeless people.

How long have you lived in Birmingham? Since 1958

You’ve been a Birmingham resident for a long time and seen the landscape of downtown change over the years. How do you feel like Urban Purpose can help make a difference in our city? Urban purpose is providing food and clothing to the cities homeless, building relationships with these people, and witnessing to them. Our ministry brings hope to people going through hard times.

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