Volunteer Spotlight: Rob & Ginny Bensinger

There’s no way we could do what we do without the team of committed volunteers God has surrounded us with. We love taking the time on here to introduce you to the people involved in the ministry and show that there is a way for everyone to jump and be a part of what God is doing throughout Birmingham. Rob and Ginny have been involved in the ministry for a while and are both a huge part of what goes on each Sunday as well everything that takes place through the week. Here’s a little bit of their story and perspective…
Names: Rob & Ginny Bensinger

Rob (right) hanging out with some of our friends downtown.

Rob – Private Banking at BBVA Compass
Ginny – Nurse (RN) at Children’s Hospital
Kids?: First one on the way.  Due date is 10/4
Where did y’all meet?:  Shades Mountain Baptist Church
How long have you been married?: 4 years
Favorite Movie:
Rob – Shawshank Redemption
Ginny – Any Harry Potter movie
Favorite Restaurant:
Rob – Can’t pinpoint it to just one.  It depends on my mood
Ginny – Taziki’s
How long have you been involved in Urban Purpose?:
Rob – Since August of 2010
Ginny – Since December 2011
What do you think is unique about Urban Purpose?:
Ginny – It’s about building relationships while allowing those we help to take initiative in their recovery/life improvement.
Rob – Urban Purpose takes a holistic approach to recovery.  Not just drug and alcohol recovery but life recovery.  They are responsive to however God leads them to help the poor and homeless of Birmingham.
Why is being involved in the ministry a priority for y’all?:
We are called to a life lived under the Lordship of Jesus.  Under the direct command of Jesus we are to be “servants of all”.  This can and should be lived out in our daily lives, but we find added importance for the poor when Jesus gives testimony of his Messiahship to John the Baptists disciples by saying that “the poor have good news preached to them.”  Jesus identified his very ministry, in part, with how the poor were treated.  Through Urban Purpose we have found new understanding and appreciation for what Jesus said regarding the poor and pray that all those that Urban Purpose comes in contact with will come to know and live out the freedom brought forth through submission to Jesus.

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